How long does Depression Last after Quitting Weed

Weed withdrawal depression normally affects many people who try to quit this behavior. People talk a lot about smoking side effects of marijuana, there are also side effects to removing weeds. The side effects may be mild or intense depending on the addiction levels of the smoker. The following items are a list of items that can occur when smoking marijuana. If you’d like to look up more information on depression after quitting weed, then check out our resources.

1. lack of sleep.

This is one of the first things you will notice if you decide to end marijuana. In the first days after stopping it can lead to serious sleep disturbances. If you were a person who smoked before going to bed, you may find the first weeks pretty tough. You might want to look at the reasons to quit smoking weed if this is bothering you a lot.

2. Not much appetite.

The fear, lack of sleep, and changing your daily schedule can make you lose your appetite. But you have to eat! Make sure that when you eat, you do not binge on junk food and that you get lots of fruits and vegetables. If you do not feel like taking a full meal, you can eat some nuts or sunflower seeds.

3. You will get angry.

That’s another thing that’s really common. I’m sure you were with someone who decided to quit smoking cigarettes, right? Do you remember how easily they worked their way up? Tell the people around you that they expect you to do them good!

4. You can feel pretty distressed.

You will want to smoke. In fact, you will want to smoke so badly that the thought can not really make you unhappy. This will pass when the weed withdrawal is over, but it will take time for you to be clean. Remember that your friends know that you stop to be prepared. Some people smoke to mask their underlying depression, so when you stop you will feel it with full force! If you are feeling heavily distressed, then you might want to look into how to detox from weed, and to be sure you can look at how to pass a drug test for marijuana. I hope this helps!

The points above shows clearly how weed withdrawal depression affects people trying to move away from the addiction.