Is This Happening To You? Testosterone Might Be The Reason

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Testosterone is the hormone that is connected to the sexual development of a man and his appearance. It is produced in the testicles in the male gender, and it is the hormone that stimulates the production of sperm. The hormone is also connected to the male libido. Besides this, testosterone can affect a number of things in the male body. To keep the hormone at an optimum level HealthGains has introduced sexual wellness programs and hormone therapy. To put your mind at ease about this new therapy and other effects it may have on the body take a look at articles on Here we explain 7 things that are affected by a change in the testosterone level.

• If there is a decrease in the hormone level, an imbalance is created. Estrogen level rises as testosterone drops causing the development of breast tissue in men. The overall effect is an increase in the level of body fat.

• Semen production is directly connected to the level of testosterone in the body. With a decrease in hormone, men can see a decline in semen level. Semen is the fluid that helps the motility of the sperm.

• Another important part testosterone plays in the male body is the libido. A reduction in the hormone level is directly related to declining sex drive of men. This lessening of libido varies from man to man. For some, it may be drastic while others might not even notice it.

• For most men balding is genetic, but in some cases, lower level of testosterone might be the reason for it. Hair production and correct levels of the hormone are related. With a drop in hormone T, the body may start to lose hair not only on the head but also the face.

• With age, we do get tired faster but if you are feeling fatigued even after complete rest or adequate sleep low testosterone might be to blame. The energy level in a man and exhaustion has been noted in males that have a lower level of testosterone. This can consequently affect the ability and motivation to exercise and workout in men.

• Another consequence of an imbalanced testosterone level in men is the muscle mass. While the functionality and strength of muscles are not affected, the mass of muscle can decrease with a decline of the hormone. This means even if you are exercising and yet not building up on muscle, the hormone can be lessening in your body.

• One of the most common symptoms of lack of testosterone in the male body is the decrease in libido. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for stimulation and arousal. This is what causes erection and maintains it. Though not the only factor to achieve an erection, it is the hormone that stimulates it. Thus, with a decrease in the hormone a male might have difficulty with erection or maintaining it.

With age, there is a decrease in the hormone production. But if you have these symptoms even at an early age, lack of testosterone might be the reason.

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